Founded in 2014, the Queen Mary Pan-African Society prides itself as a grassroots, student-led organisation that strives to resist the forces of a Eurocentric, white supremacist (education) system and raise the consciousness of African students on campus on all things related to Africa and the African diaspora.

The QM Pan-African Society launched its campaign #LeopoldMustFall in response to two plaques located in the Octagon, Queens’ Building at Queen Mary University which commemorate King Leopold II of Belgium, a genocidal colonialist responsible for the death of an estimated 10 million Africans and the mutilation of thousands of others, as well as the motion that was rejected by the student council of Queen Mary.

It has since extended its voice more broadly to the ‘lost’ link between Leopold and the Leverhulme Trust and Belgian colonisation and the ignition of the global HIV Pandemic.

The QM Pan-African Society has collaborated closely with other grassroots, liberation movements including: Why is My Curriculum White?, Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford, Stop the Maangamizi and Black Lives Matter.


12744097_1716100128635620_5278691207073162594_nOur society aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to engage with others with an interest in Pan-Africanism in order to gain a better understanding of its aims and objectives.
  • Educate and encourage critical thinking and discussion surrounding Africa, the diaspora and its cultural and historical place in the world.
  • Be proactive in our conduct as we campaign and strive for the same cause.
  • Facilitate networking and the exchange of knowledge between members.
  • Remain a grassroots, intersectional, community-oriented organisation.

We hold frequent meetings, organise film screenings, debates, and public discussions led by Pan-African community activists and scholars.

For enquiries, please email: panafricanpresident@gmail.com

Follow us on Facebook: @QMPanAfricanSociety

And Twitter: @QMPan